Vilbig Bass Club History




Year President Vice President Secretary Tourn. Director Treasurer
1993* Sandi Collins David Kern Steve Dillon Marty Tackett Ben Thomas
1994 David Kern Ben Thomas Paul Miles Marty Tackett Ben Thomas
1995* Paul Miles  Marty Tackett Wayne Lee Frank Newman Andy McAbee
1996 Frank Newman Jim Young  Beverly Root Steve Martin  Andy McAbee
1997 Steve Martin  Beverly Root B. Wooddell Jon Griffin David Kern
1998 Beverly Root Jon Griffin  JR Martinez Brandon Wooddell David Kern
1999 Jon Griffin Brandon Wooddell Al Kohutek Mark Grigsby David Kern
2000 David Kern  Mark Grigsby Al Kohutek Frank Newman Jon Griffin
2001 Mark Grigsby Al Kohutek B. Wooddell Tom Kressley Jon Griffin
2002  Al Kohutek Tom Kressley B. Wooddell Dave Maskinec Jon Griffin
2003 Al Kohutek Cliff Cook B. Wooddell Rich Huffman Jon Griffin
2004 Al Kohutek Dottie Watson Michael Collins Cliff Cook Jon Griffin
2005 Jim Young Cliff Cook Al Kohutek Steve Hamner Jon Griffin
2006 Cliff Cook Michael Collins Al Kohutek Tim Casbeer Jon Griffin
2007 Tim Casbeer Matt Howell Al Kohutek Brian Rubin / Matt Howell Jon Griffin
2008 Matt Howell Matt Shelley Al Kohutek Brandon Wooddell Jon Griffin
2009 Steve Dillon Mike Grove Tim Casbeer / Al Kohutek Cory Hubbell Jon Griffin
2010 Tom Root Cory Hubbell / Michael Collins Al Kohutek Brandon Wooddell Jon Griffin
2011 Jon Griffin Michael Collins Al Kohutek Brandon Wooddell Mark Grigsby
2012 Jon Griffin Brandon Wooddell Al Kohutek Mike Grove Mark Grigsby
2013 Brad Dale Lindsie Dale Tim Casbeer George Walker Mark Grigsby
2014 Al Kohutek Bev Root Brad Dale Matt Shelley Mark Grigsby
2015 Al Kohutek Matt Shelley Beverly Root / Julie Grigsby Matt Shelley Mark Grigsby
2016 Al Kohutek Brandon Wooddell Beverly Root / Julie Grigsby Pierce Johnston Mark Grigsby
2017 Matt Shelley Toney Saltarski Beverly Root / Julie Grigsby Pierce Johnston Mark Grigsby
2018 Matt Shelley Toney Saltarski Beverly Root / Julie Grigsby Pierce Johnston Mark Grigsby
2019 Tony Saltarski Tim Casbeer Al Kohutek / Julie Grigsby Rick Huffman Mark Grigsby
2020 Tony Saltarski Pierce Johnston Al Kohutek / Julie Grigsby Rick Huffman Mark Grigsby
2021 Rick Huffman Pierce Johnston Julie Grigsby Tim Downs Mark Grigsby
2022 Rick Huffman Tim Casbeer Julie Grigsby William Brunswick Mark Grigsby
2023 Rick Huffman Pierce Johnston Julie Grigsby Tim Downs Mark Grigsby
2024 Rick Huffman Mel Hodges Julie Grigsby Tim Casbeer Mark Grigsby

* Note 1993 : Eric Wilson was the President the first month but stepped down
* Note 1995: Bill Garrett started the 1995 year as Treasurer but stepped down.     


Year Angler of the Year Big Bass Sportsman of the Year Most Improved The Classic / lb.oz / # of days
1993 Marty Tackett   1,047 Marty Tackett        5.00 Terry Lane Ben Thomas  
1994  Marty Tackett   1,103 David Kern            6.02 Paul Miles Beverly Root  
1995 Heath Wagner   1,072 David Kern           5.15 Brandon Wooddell Steve Martin  
1996 B.Wooddell         881 Jon Griffin               6.10 Ed Swierczek  Spencer Poole  
1997 B.Wooddell      1,097 Brandon Wooddell 6.13 David Kern JR Martinez  
1998 Spencer Poole     859 Spencer Poole        5.15 Frank Newman Mark Grigsby  
1999 Mark Grigsby   1,005 Mark Grigsby         6.15 Al Kohutek Steve Martin  
2000 B. Wooddell       893 Wayne Lee             8.08 Al Kohutek Craig Watson  
2001 Jon Griffin           750 Marty Tackett        3.12 Beverly Root Cliff Cook Jon Griffin
2002 Al Kohutek         762 Al Kohutek            6.12 Al Kohutek Cliff Cook Brandon Wooddell
2003 Al Kohutek         939 Paul Poole              6.06 Rick Huffman Michael Collines Paul Pool 
2004 Al Kohutek         875 Steve Hamner         4.15 Cliff Cook Steve Dillon Cliff Cook 
2005 Steve Hamner     654 Mark Grigsby         5.14 Jon Griffin  Tim Casbeer Marty Tackett
2006 Jon Griffin           740 Tom Harrison         6.04 Tim Casbeer Matt Howell Tim Casbeer
2007 Al Kohutek         766 Matt Howell           5.12 Tim Casbeer Robert Hinojosa Brandon Wooddell
2008 B. Wooddell       964 Brandon Wooddell 9.04 Tammy Hinojosa Steve Dillon Jon Griffin
2009 Al Kohutek         966 Mike Grove            8.06 John Mikalik Mike Grove Al Kohutek
2010 Al Kohutek       1,189 Jon Griffin               6.09 Tom Root Michael Collins Al Kohutek
2011 Jon Griffin            741 Barbra Poole          8.01  Jon Griffin Julie Grigsby Brandon Wooddell
2012 B. Wooddell        948 Matt Shelley            6.06 Tom & Bev Root Julie Grigsby Brad Dale
2013 Al Kohutek          855 Tim Casbeer            7.11 Steve Dillon Adam Arredondo Tim Casbeer
2014 Al Kohutek          853 Pierce Johnston       7.13 Rick Huffman Tim Casbeer Pierce Johnston
2015 Al Kohutek       1,090 Brad Dale               6.05 Steve Henry / Tim Casbeer Mike Gilger Jon Griffin
2016 Al Kohutek       1,092 Al Kohutek             6.01 Julie Grigsby Tony Saltarski Tony Saltarski
2017 B. Wooddell     1,030 Jon Griffin               5.09 Rick Huffman Marci Gilger Tim Casbeer
2018 Tony Saltarski  1,157 Pierce Johnston       7.09 Matt Shelley Amy Johnston Tony Saltarski
2019 Tim Casbeer    1,119 Tony Saltarski        5.09 Mike Grove Tim Downs Pierce Johnston
2020 B. Woodell      932 Matt Shelley 5.06 Rick Huffman Jaxon Phillips Pierce Johnston
2021 Pierce Johnston 1163 Pierce Johnston 6.04 Paul Poole Tim Downs Pierce Johnston
2022 Pierce Johnston  1243 Brandon Wooddell  6.15 Rick Huffman Rick Huffman Tony Saltarski
2023 Pierce Johnston  1344 Pierce Johnston 5.05      


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