2022 Lake Vilbig Aquatic Survey  

Overton Fisheries
Specializing in Lake and Pond Management
19367 IH 45 Feeder South
Buffalo, TX 75831



-Notes from Jon Griffin

-Date: 3/19/2022

-Courtesy of the Vilbig Bass Club

-Conducted by Overton Fisheries, Biologist Ethan & Ty

 *No bass were injured, the electronic shock merely stuns them momentarily, each bass is measured, weighed & recorded

**Approximately 25 carp were culled, heaviest 16-18 lbs

***Biggest bass was 21.5” weighing 7 lbs 14 ounces.

****Multiple 2.5-4.5 lb bass were recorded, all bass released back into the lake, approximately 50 in the deep end and 55 at the park T dock.

*****Tim Downs retained 5 catfish , we believe all to be channel cats 11-15 lbs


Full Report: survey14 (Click here)

Cost: click here - password protected link "Bass Club Fish Stocking Detail (who, how much, cost, and when)"

Pictures: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Yv2ZHoZtXaffN4nU6


Big thanks to all who participated and VBC President Rick Huffman for scheduling and communication!



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