Creating Habitat (fish cities) on Lake Vilbig




The Vilbig Bass Club hired Bob Lusk to manage the project.  The key players were Rick Huffman (Lake Vilbig project manager),  Bob Lusk & Zachary Peterson (Bob Lusk Outdoors),  David Ewald (Fishiding Reclaimed Artificial Fish Habitat), Mossback Structure, The ILA and the Vilbig Bass Club.

The Vilbig Bass club highly recomends Bob Lusk Outdoors if you are thinking about improving your fish habitat.



Pictures of the the structures



  How we did it from START to FINISH

Getting Started - Click on the link below to view how we got rolling on the project. This was the start in getting the lake mapped for habitat. Zachary Peterson created a habitat and structure map (see it on our maps page)

After we had the lake mapped, Bob provided us several suggestions based on our unique lake environment. Click on the link below for the details

Zachary Peterson from Bob Lusk Outdoor worked with us to pinpoint 3 sites to enhance the structure. The below link goes into detail the reasoning and a final plan.

In order to best utilize the available funding for the project, it was decided to create custom habitat ourselves for some of the structures and purchase other structure from Mossback. We reached out to many people around the lake for ideas. We also researched commercially made structures for information and ideas to design our custom structures.  We decided that many of them had excellent qualities. We built several prototypes and finally created the ones we liked the best.

One is a simulated Brush Pile, The other is a simulated Downed Log.

Bob Lusk's Team reviewed our design and made the recommendations for amount and locations for each type as well as Mossback structure.

We made 40 of the Brush Piles and 20 of the Downed Logs. All are to be place in reasonably shallow water. The Mossback structure will be placed in the deeper locations.

During this design period we experimented with some leftover vinyl siding that we had on hand. We contacted David Ewald with Fishiding Reclaimed Artificial Fish Habitat. He was very helpful with sharing ideas and knowledge with us.We purchased some of his product to incorporate into our custom design. We received the materials very quickly and we were pleasantly surprised that David had included about an extra 25% more than we had ordered.





Discuss options with Bob Lusk


Original stocking Plan


Stocking plan to Jon Griffin


Present Stocking plan to ILA Directors


Discuss plan and map options with Bob Lusk


Deliver Contour map to Bob


Zach- map lake


Map in Hand


         Review map VBC


Meet with Zach to discuss updates to map


         Review map VBC


Updates to Zach


Receive Final Map


Initial Recommendations for habitat from Bob Lusk


Post Map to VBC website


Discuss types of structure with Bob Lusk


Update ILA Directors and request ILA help fund


Identify 7 locations


Deliver locations to Bob Lusk


Present original prototypes to Lusk for review


Lusk approval for prototypes


Review custom to incorporate Fishiding materials


Redesign prototypes


Zach review and approves new version of Custom prototypes


Receive text version of habitat recommendations


Receive map version of habitat recommendations


Order Mossback


Establish April 29th as “Planting” date


Create custom habitat


Pick up Mossback

4-26 to 4-28-2017

Stage all custom parts and build Mossback


Reschedule “Plant” date for 4-30-2017


Plant all habitat in Site 1, 2 and 3




Zach to submit recommendations for other areas





 Where the Fish Cities are located - X marks the spot


GPS perimeter of the structures

Site 1 details

Site 2 details

Site 3 details

Full Map With Structure Details

More Pictures (click on the link below):



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